Budget Party Hire Brisbane

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Agreement for Hire of Party Equipment

1.         Hire of party equipment

1.1   The hirer agrees to return the goods to the address of the owner on or before the end of the hire period.

1.2   The owner will not refund any hire charge monies if the hirer elects to return the equipment prior to the end of the hire period, regardless of reason.


2.         Use, operation and maintenance

2.1   The hirer agrees that the use of the equipment carries with it dangers and risks of injury, and the hirer agrees to accept all dangers and risks.

2.2   The hirer will be responsible to use the equipment safely and for its intended purpose.

2.3   The hirer will be responsible for anyone else that uses the equipment during the hire period.

2.4   The hirer agrees to operate, maintain and store the equipment safely, with due care and diligence, and operate it only for its intended use.

2.5   The hirer shall ensure the equipment is returned to the owner clean.

2.6   The hirer agrees not to use the equipment for any illegal purpose.

2.7   The hirer agrees not to modify or permit any modification of the equipment in any way.

2.8   The hirer agrees that the equipment complies with its description and is fit for the hirer’s purpose.

2.9   If the above conditions are not complied with, the hirer agrees for the owner to keep the deposit.


3.         Indemnity

3.1   To the full extent permitted by law the hirer releases, discharges and indemnifies the owner from all claims and demands on the owner arising out of or consequent on the use or misuse of the equipment during the hire period.


4.       Loss, damage or breakdown of party equipment

4.1.   The hirer will be responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment irrespective of how the loss or damage occurred during the hire period.

4.2.   If there is a breakdown or failure of the equipment then the hirer shall return the equipment to the owner at the hirer’s expense, and the owner will keep the hirer’s deposit.


5.       Liability

5.1   The hirer will assume all risks and liabilities for and in respect of the equipment and for all injuries to or deaths of persons and any damage to property howsoever arising from the hirer’s possession, use, maintenance, repair or storage of the equipment.


6.       Disclaimer

6.1   To the extent permitted by law the owner disclaims all liability for and does not give any warranties to the hirer as to the condition of the equipment.


7. Completion of the hire period

7.1   The hire period is completed when the equipment has been returned to the owner:

7.1.1          in the same condition as when it was hired; and

7.1.2          on or by the date and time, as stated above.


 This form will be required to be filled out and signed at time of pick up.