Budget Party Hire Brisbane

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People come to us with all sorts of questions about our hire equipment, prices and our business and how it works.  To help our future clients understand these common questions we have answered them below:

Have a look through our FAQs and if you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

How does hiring work?
It’s quite simple.  As we are still a small growing business we have a very simple but effective range to choose from.  Once you have decided what you are exactly after, make a booking by using the Contact Us page.

How much does the hiring cost?
The price of the equipment hire is dependent on how long you require it for.  The average cost is around $60 a day for Friday/Saturdays as they are high demand dates, the longer you hire the equipment the higher bulk discount we can give you.  You can check out the cheapest prices in Brisbane in the Hire Prices page.

What suburb are you based in, and what is the furthest you will hire to?
We are based in Acacia Ridge.  As we are a self-service home business at the moment we require you to pick up and drop the items off at our designated times.

What time do I usually need to pick up and drop off the items?
Usually 10:00am on weekends as we have other clients requiring the service of the equipment.  We can work around this if you give us plenty of notice however booking times can change at any time.

How early should I book in?

Weekends and public holidays are our peak periods.  To avoid disappointment of our great prices, book well in advance.  However we can most definitely accommodate for short notice bookings.

Can I change my booking after I have placed it?
As we don’t require upfront payment  we trust our customers will give us plenty of notice for cancellations and modifying booking information.

How do I pay for my booking?
We only accept cash.

What happens if I break, damage or lose equipment?

When the equipment is returned, we will test all the equipment.  If an item seems to have a user damage fault the deposit is forfeited.  This is the same for lost equipment.

How does the equipment work?

The equipment is extremely easy to use; although you will be given a walk through on the day of pick up on how it all works and a cheat page to take with you.

Who is responsible for the equipment whilst on hire?
As per the agreement you will sign and acknowledge, as the hirer, you will be responsible for the equipment.